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Frequently Asked Questions


It’s natural so it’s safe right?

Not quite. Herbs have side effects and interactions just as allopathic medicine does. Herbs, however, typically work with the body to help the body do what it’s designed to do, whereas many allopathic medications are full of toxins that work against the body. 


Are herbs and homeopathy the same thing?

No. Herbal medicine and homeopathic medicine work very differently in the body, although they’re often the same substances but formulated quite differently. Homeopathic medicine has virtually no risk of side effect or interaction as the dose of the given substance is extremely minute. Homeopathic medicine is my go to choice for young children and elderly, however homeopathy is never exact, and sometimes requires trying several remedies or a combination of remedies before finding the right one.


Why does brand and type of supplement matter?

The Natural Medicine Database compiles studies and data on herbal products on the market and rates ingredient quality, effectiveness, purity, absorption and other important criteria. All remedies are not created equal and some can be dangerous to people with certain health histories or taking certain medications. 

There’s also the issue of ”In what for can your body absorb what it needs.” Every body is different and while one supplement may work for one person, it may be completely ineffective for another person. When I prescribe remedies, I will give specific types and brands and it’s vitally important you use that specific remedy. Many of them seem much more expensive than their counterparts and it can be frustrating, however, please understand I do not earn a commission for these products and would not ask you to spend more money unless absolutely necessary.